Oh  shizZ!! Get  ready to smile!!

Welcome to THE store that is made of smiles!! That's right, this place has what you need like a crack junkie needing a fix baby.. haha, I'm playing. But you will find smiles aplenty here and all of the designs are custom made by me, you won't find this stuff anywhere else.. plus if you read the descriptions, you may find some smiles there too!!

25% of the profits of any sales go to the homeless in clothes, stuff, money, food.. pretty much doing this to be able to help them out. They aren't bad people, they have just lost hope but they are still kind and soft and to me that is a special kind of strength.

For any questions you may have, there is a FAQ in my messenger bubble (the little red bubble) and if those didn't answer your question.. then use my FaceBook messenger chat bubble. It's red and it pops up on the screen!!

Look at that smile, see.. that is beauty right there. He immediately stripped off his shirt and put it on and then showed off his amazing smile after he put the shirt on that said, "Homeless?? Nah, I have a heart," cause home is where the heart is. And his home just happened to be a bus stop then.. it felt really great doing something like that but this isn't about what I got out of it. That smile made it worth it to me..

- unknown homeless man
"Compassion needs no reward cause it is a reward in and of itself.." - eUë

This man lives in a troubled part of the city where there is very little to be happy about but his smile made this all worth it.. that to me is a special kind of beauty when in the richest homes in america where they have everything it's so hard to make them smile, but in a place where nobody has a damn thing all it takes is a cheap shirt, a hug, and a little conversation.. look at that smile. He is genuinely happy.. and to me, that doesn't have a price on it. That moment may live on in his life as something rare and special.. you never can tell, but it's a nice thought and a little more of those smiles would brighten this dim world. If we could all start doing that, just imagine what the world would look like..

this old painter guy
"Smiles come easy to those with nothing cause things mean more to them inside, they appreciate gestures of kindness and don't sneer or get paranoid about them unless they are high, haha!! That last part is a small poor person joke that you may not understand.." - eUë

"I want to be someone that I can be proud of.."

It's so true!!

*kicks you in the cheek with a kiss so soft that it breaks your heart when the pressure is released* hahaha, told you that I'm a dork!! I dare you to read this, it's important..

The store's mission is simple, to spread love and positivity to the world through simple acts of compassion.. kind of like wearing a shirt to make people smile around you. There's nothing more selfless than that.. just to brighten a day or two along your journey throughout your day.

Not just that, but every purchase that you make 25% of the profits will go into buying the homeless clothes or other things that would make them smile in the world around me.. I'm a firm believer that the homeless need to be loved by us, cause they are people. They hurt as anyone else would except whatever put them in that situation torments them, and a little compassion towards them touches their souls in ways we could never understand..

If you wanted to go a step further, you could get some, "Homeless?? Nah, I have a heart," shirts and give them to the homeless.. even one would show you a smile in someone's face and eyes that is truly appreciative for your kindness.. I mean, you'll buy $5 Starbucks coffees all week long for a caffeine buzz at work.. but that shirt is $17.98 after shipping, half of what you paid for your weeks coffee, and you would see something that you don't often see. Absolute happiness and warmth, thankfulness, appreciation, pride, and it is such beauty.. it truly is.

You don't have to do that, it's not a contest, but that would be one step towards making those changes in yourself that you so desperately crave but always push aside. If and when you are ready, try it.. do what I described and look into their eyes, talk to them, and you will see and understand why compassion is such an important thing, and why the homeless need it. 

You will find a little beauty warming you up too and what did it really cost in the end? Just try it when you are ready.. it will be one of the most important things you have done in a long time. You loved another person selflessly and did a truly good thing.

"Mad scientist kisses are crazy fabulous, but I like the "Under the walnut tree" kisses.. cause I fall like a nut for you, and I go nuts for sweetly, sexy lips like yours on mine every single day.." - eUe..


"Your friend who loves you all, you are beauty.. you are perfection, and the things that you do to me are fill my heart with hope and make me smile. Show our world glowing with lives that they have a home here, cause nobody should feel alone.." - eUe..·

I am a down to earth person that has learned quite a bit about life and I'm almost too honest, but I'm sweet, I have respect, and my main concern is if you are smiling or not.. I really think that if I could have any super power, it would be to make those around me be in a good mood just by walking into a room.

I am not the smartest guy in the world, but I am learning about life and I have gone through a lot in life, but this isn't about me.. I just want everyone to know that you and I care, all of us, and I want the world to be a better place for us all. I'm tired of looking around and seeing hurt and pain everywhere.. and I want to do some good with my life. 

I am not asking the world of you, but I do think it's ok to ask you to join me in my world, make the world a better place and just try.. make the world a better place, one face at a time. Show people that you would be their superhero and that you truly care about their life, clean up the streets, what's in them, and do it with style..💕