Love me when I'm gone..

..and hopefully I'm never gone!! I want to burn like a star, until the end of time.. hi!! I'm eUë, and you have stumbled upon my store.. here you will find endless smiles. I'm just saying, if you really pay attention, you will find happiness here.. so look around and smile, cause you are beautiful and that beauty will reflect in your eyes while you are here. Don't hesitate to use my chat bubbles if you have any questions..

Homelessness, the world's smallest big problem.. take the first step in changing the world!!

It's simple, homelessness is a big problem.. I think if we cleaned it up a little bit then we will begin to solve the world's problems, one foot in front of the other.. don't feed their addiction, do something that truly says something, show them you care.. that's all they really want, is to matter. And what better way then to have your face on their chest like a superhero so all of us can be somebody's hero and show everyone in the world that we care.. one shirt at a time. 

I am here hoping to hear from you cause I know you must be a beautiful soul to be here now. I think the world of all everyone and I have a lot of love in my heart for you.. and if we do this one at a time, in no time at all, the whole world will feel the love pretty quickly!!

Then we can all smile when we see each other and everyone will know that somebody cares..

"A hug is nice, but a kiss is way better.."

from my blog

"You ever had mad scientist kisses? Muah, aha, ahahahaha!! Haha.."

from my blog again!!

"I want to be someone that I can be proud of.."

It's so true!!

"Mad scientist kisses are crazy fabulous, but I like the "Under the walnut tree" kisses.. cause I fall like a nut for you, and I go nuts for sweetly, sexy lips like yours on mine every single day.." - eUe..


"Your friend who loves you all, you are beauty.. you are perfection, and the things that you do to me are fill my heart with hope and make me smile. Show our world glowing with lives that they have a home here, cause nobody should feel alone.." - eUe..·

I am a down to earth person that has learned quite a bit about life and I'm almost too honest, but I'm sweet, I have respect, and my main concern is if you are smiling or not.. I really think that if I could have any super power, it would be to make those around me be in a good mood just by walking into a room.

I am not the smartest guy in the world, but I am learning about life and I have gone through a lot in life, but this isn't about me.. I just want everyone to know that you and I care, all of us, and I want the world to be a better place for us all. I'm tired of looking around and seeing hurt and pain everywhere.. and I want to do some good with my life. 

I am not asking the world of you, but I do think it's ok to ask you to join me in my world, make the world a better place and just try.. make the world a better place, one face at a time. Show people that you would be their superhero and that you truly care about their life, clean up the streets, what's in them, and do it with style..💕


I'm in Downtown Portland, Oregon. PDX rocks!! I am available between 10 am and 10 pm PST, and I have an online store that is all about love in it's many shapes and forms, from cute little sayings and graphics to self love to dating. It's about making the world smile, seeing the happiness in their eyes. I do custom designs and they are printed and shipped in the US, Mexico, and Europe. If you would like to talk about what I am doing, just use the customer service chat bubble on my site..

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